BLM’s vision of a world with no police is too optimistic

Black Lives Matter believes that the police should be abolished, and their funds should be given to community programs and low-income families. By relocating their funds to these causes, the crime rate would drop and there would be no need for law enforcement.

While their theory is logical, it is too optimistic to believe that the police will not be needed in America.

There will still be crimes such as car thieves, drugs, robberies and muggings after the money is reallocated.

For minorities, there is the concern of hate crimes and white supremacist attacks. Once law enforcement is abolished, there will be nobody to respond when people call for help.

If the police are abolished, it will leave minority and wealthy communities vulnerable.

BLM has said that the Public Safety department will keep the community safe, but Public Safety officers do not carry weapons. An armed assailant could murder or seriously injure them.

Law enforcement needs to be reformed. Their recent history of racial bias and brutality has proven that, but abolishing them altogether would leave American communities vulnerable to criminals.

Their call to defund the police is justified, however. In Los Angeles, the police are given 54% of the city budget. If these funds were given to help families and communities that need them, the crime rate might decrease.

Reallocating the police funds will take time, and change will not happen overnight. It will take decades for America to be in a place where law enforcement is no longer needed.

BLM’s vision of a utopian society where there is almost no crime is too optimistic and unrealistic.

Even the happiest country on Earth has law enforcement and prisons. Crime happens everywhere, even in countries with free health care and education.
There are some countries, like England, where police do not carry firearms.

If America’s law enforcement could follow their lead, perhaps communities would be safer and their would be less police-involved deaths.

Police would have to use non-lethal forms of control and defense when responding to a disturbance.

Abolishing the police instead of reforming them is too extreme and would lead to America’s downfall. There must be law enforcement to respond to crime when it occurs.



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