‘Stop the steal’ Trump protest in LA on January 6

On Jan. 6, Trump supporters, delusional conspiracy theorists and racist groups joined together to protest the victory of Joe Biden. The Los Angeles “Stop the Steal” rally in front of City Hall was much less erratic than the riot at the nation’s Capitol building.

In Los Angeles, the “Stop the Steal” rally was attended by over 100, mostly maskless, Trump supporters. The protest was made up of conspiracy theorists, Coronavirus deniers, and Republican voters who wanted to show support for the soon-to-be-former president.

Conspiracy theories ranged from China and the Democrats teaming up to fix the presidential election to the survival of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Protesters could be heard from several blocks away. Drive-by protesters honked their horns and stopped traffic and a “doctor” even used a bullhorn to tout false Coronavirus information.

“Masks are bad for you,” the unidentified “doctor” claimed, “It is not healthy to breathe in your own CO2.”

As she made this statement, 554 people died in Los Angeles county from the Coronavirus on Jan. 6. Every legitimate health official has pleaded with Americans to wear a mask, social distance, and stay home whenever possible.

Pastor Tim Tomson, of 412 Murrieta Church in CA., also spread lies about the Coronavirus to the large crowd on the city hall steps.

Tomson expressed his position to open up churches, knowing that doing so would spread the virus.

“Every doctor I’ve talked to has said the same thing about getting to where we call ‘herd immunity,’” Tomson said.

When asked if he was concerned for his congregation’s lives if they contracted the virus, Tomson shrugged.

“Everyone in my congregation is going to die at some point,” Pastor Tomson said.

It should be noted that the pastor had trouble recalling the address of the church he founded and leads.

San Jacinto Councilman Brian Hawkins and his wife and two children also refused to wear their masks.

“I don’t want others around me to feel oppressed,” Hawkins said. “I put the mask on where people feel comfortable with it because it is my right not to have it on.”

Councilman Hawkins also stated that he “respects the Constitution,” yet he attended a protest intended to overturn the democratic electoral process.

A majority of protesters believed that China, Democrats, or both, contributed to a “rigged election.”

“You have ballots that are printed in China and filled out in customs,” says Patriot Party advocate Leo Kelly. “The deep-state runs deep.”

There seemed to be no consistency between protesters about who specifically rigged the election.

There were even some protesters who claimed that Republicans fixed the election against their own party.

“Our government is corrupt,” says Isaiah Isom. “So it’s probably not just Democrats, it’s probably Republicans and third parties as well.”

The protester’s claims were not the only bizarre thing at City Hall. Many Trump supporters wore costumes to reflect how they feel America should be governed.

“It’s 1776, we are forever free,” said Diana Herrera. “It has to do with our Constitution and our freedom, and I am dressed as a colonial.”

While Herrera wished to go back to a time where people owned slaves and she couldn’t vote, one protester spread one of the most bizarre theories at the rally.

A man who identified himself as “United States Patriot” claims that Jeffery Epstein, famous for sexually trafficking and raping young women, worked with Democrats and the Chinese. He also claimed Epstein survived his suicide attempt and is alive and well at Lynn Woods Reservation in Massachusetts.

Several protesters referred to the news outlet News Max, a far-right news source when asked where they received their information.

The City Hall protest quickly turned violent, with several fights breaking out between counter-protesters and Trump supporters.

Some BLM members were pepper-sprayed by “Stop the Steal” protesters and mocked as they cried out in pain. Several arrests were made as law enforcement declared the protest an “unlawful assembly.”

Most of the crowd dispersed after three SWAT vehicles arrived. The police made a scrimmage line to control the remaining group.

As Trump supporters protested in LA, Trump supporters in Washington D.C. stormed the U.S. capital building. The D.C. insurrection resulted in seven deaths including four insurrectionists, one capital police officer and two officers who committed suicide after the event.

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